l4Selecting the right editor for you is an important decision.  It is about developing a conducive working relationship and sharing the same vision: to make your manuscript the best it can be.

My motto:

When you write a story, you are asking the reader to take a hold of your hands and trust in you.  To suspend their belief and follow you on a journey in complete faith, you won’t take advantage of that trust.  To me, that is a sacred bond and responsibility, I hope you as a writer understand and take seriously.  I do as an editor, and I refuse to violate it.

I take all Fiction Genres except: Mystery, Poetry, and Children’s books.

(For Nonfiction requests, please e-mail me.)  Length does not matter. I take shorts, novellas, serial novels, etc.

If you choose to work with me…

  • I will give you everything you’ll need to create a much-improved, finished manuscript.
  • I write detailed notes in the right margin of your manuscript and use Word Tracking Changes to correct errors.
  • I compose a comprehensive critique to guide you through your revisions.
  • I am very adept at finding: plot continuity problems, excess repetition, lack of emphasis on critical points, and obvious manufactured drama.
  • I can be very harsh on critiquing plots.  If I can grab an errant thread and pull it to unravel your plot, I do so gleefully. I will point out things an average reader won’t catch or will forgive you for. I don’t apologize for that. That is my duty to you and the reader.
  • I can help you with voice, character development, putting in credible tension and emotion, and offer other invaluable suggestions to make your manuscript come alive for the reader.

How I work:

I work through your manuscript the first time and provide you with the comprehensive edit.  I make myself available for any questions you have until you are satisfied and send it back to me.  Then I go back through and do the line edit.  (Unless you don’t order that service) I stay available for any follow up questions until you are satisfied.  Once you are, the second half of your payment is due.

You should never hire an editor without asking for a free sample.
I ask that you send me 2000 to 3000 words and will return it to you within 48hrs.

Contact me here:

What I won’t do:

  • I will offer suggestions on how to rewrite, but I won’t rewrite it for you.
  • If you don’t know the difference between ‘show’ and ‘tell’, I will most likely turn you down.
  • I do not verify facts and procedures.   Example: I do not know the correct procedure for loading a Civil War Weapon.  I do not know how the timing device works that allowed bullets to pass through a spinning propeller without chewing up the propeller on WWI bi-planes.  That is up to you verify.
  • I don’t take poetry, so I can’t help you with flow problems.
  • I cannot get you permission to use the verse of a song from your favorite rock band.


  • I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Literature from Bowling Green University in Ohio.
  • I interned for, not one, but two  defunct e-book publishers.
  • I served as  editor for several e-magazines
  • I serve as comprehensive editor for Prehysteria Imprints, working with authors like Emma Jean Hoffmann, and Bryant James