I have edited more books than I can count, these are just the highlights:
Best selling Kindle authors:
J.A. Hornbuckle
Michelle Howard
Eve Carter
Liv Bennett
Scott Cramer
Jacy Oliver
Bryant James
Anne Keller


Bryant James.
I hate you. You won’t let me be lazy and just slide by on talent.

Lewis Dix
If you’re looking for an editor, I can definitely vouch for Laura. I’m working with her on my second book and she’s barely even gotten started but has already blown me away. I’m highly impressed and would recommend her to anyone seeking a quality editor.

She has a lot of passion for it and genuinely wants to make your book better. Seriously. Check her out. Convince her to take on your book and send her a sample chapter. If her edits don’t get your blood pumping…you might be dead.

Scott Cramer
I worked with Laura and I’ll work with her again. I think she has a real gift for story structure, character arcs, and the like. She’s a great collaborator.

Jacy Oliver
Laura knew exactly what my book needed. I cringe when I think of what it was like before she got her hands on it. Being a new author, I was delighted she took the time to walk me step by step through the editing process, and was willing to help me right up until I hit publish. I feel like I’ve struck gold, having found her as an editor.

Red Dust Publishing
Laura is fantastic to work with and we highly recommend her. She helped us take our work to the next level and we look forward to working with her again. Although she may not feel the same about me and Ben haha.

We would recommend Laura to any existing or new authors

Rinelle Gray
I just have to say that Laura is awesome to work with! She always manages to pick the weak points in my story (you know, the ones I’ve been pretending don’t exist!) yet is also wonderfully encouraging.

Austin Briggs
I just finished a large project with Laura, and it was a superb experience. She picked up a ton of weak points in the story, making me think, but also encouraged me with pointing out the strong areas. I’m grateful for both! 

I loved her insights into how the overall story can be improved, and of course her edits — English isn’t my native language, and she had to fix quite a few awkwardly phrased spots.
She’s an excellent editor.

Emily Ward
Laura has been awesome so far with my YA Scifi novel! She’s quick, thorough, thoughtful, and keeps the tone light so you don’t feel like you’re getting ready for a funeral when she suggests changes. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat!

The former owner of Hot and Spicy Ebook Publishing
“Laura knows how to keep the right amount of spice in romance. She is fast and very competent.” –Eric Gangler.


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